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Barrier Capital Protection Certificate on NASDAQ 100

We have a Neutral outlook on the information technology (IT) sector. This means that we expect the IT sector to move in line with the market going forward. Thus, we see further upside for equity markets as economic data releases are likely to surprise to the upside with continued US growth leadership.

At the same time, the Nasdaq 100 has demonstrated a strong upward trend, closing around its all-time high last week. After a minor consolidation in early March, momentum has remained buoyant and we see increased likelihood of a retest and potential break above 8,000 in the summer months.

In this environment, investors who wish to lock in profits, while keeping their exposure to the information technology sector, may want to consider the 18M JB 100% Barrier Capital Protection Certificate on NASDAQ 100 Index in subscription.

The invested capital profits from a 100% capital guarantee at maturity. The investor participates fully in the positive performance of the underlying from its initial level of 100% (equal to the strike price) up to the knock-in barrier of 115%.

If the underlying is quoted at or above 115% of its initial level during the lifetime of the product, the investor receives at maturity a cash amount that takes into account the denomination and a rebate of 3.0% (e.g. 103.00%).

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