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Barrier Capital Protection Certificate on the Swiss Market® Index

Swiss assets tend to act as a store of value over time. This enticing characteristic makes them desirable to provide some security in uncertain times and as a long-term investment. Swiss equities have participated in the upward trend in markets this year, with the Swiss Market Index returning 11.4% year-to-date.

While equities remain our asset class of choice as we see further upside potential, more risk-averse investors who want to gain exposure to Swiss equities or those who want to reduce the risk profile of their Swiss equity allocation may want to consider the 18M JB 100% Barrier Capital Protection Certificate on Swiss Market® Index in USD currently in subscription.

Furthermore, in the current low-yield environment and with the US Federal Reserve last week signalling that there will be no further interest rate hikes in the US for the remainder of the year, this product is also a way to put USD cash to work.


  • The investor profits from a capital guarantee at maturity and participates fully in the positive performance of the underlying from its initial level of 100% (equal to the strike price) up to the knock-in barrier of 120%.
  • If the underlying is quoted at or above 120% of its initial level during the lifetime of the product, the investor receives a cash amount that takes into account the denomination and a rebate of 5% (e.g. 105%).
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