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Callable Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible on world indices

  • Multi Barrier Reverse Convertibles are aimed at investors who expect neutral to moderately positive performance of the underlying, but do not exclude that minor market corrections may occur.
  • The strategy of this particular product represents an investment in the following four underlying indices: Swiss Market Index, Euro STOXX 50 Index, S&P 500 index and Nikkei 225 index.
  • The instrument pays a quarterly coupon of 7.10% p.a. (quanto USD), 4.50% p.a. (quanto EUR) oder 4.00% p.a. (quanto CHF), and the invested capital is conditionally protected at maturity up to the knock-in barrier at 60%.
  • However, if any of the underlying indices touch or fall below the individual knock-in barrier level during the lifetime of the product and the fixing of any of the underlyings is below the respective strike price at maturity, the investors receive an amount which takes into account the decrease of the underlying with the lowest performance relative to its individual strike price.
  • The product is callable quarterly and the final redemption date is 13 August 2020.
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