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Tracker Certificate on Overweight Technology Industry Basket

Information Technology (IT) has been the fastest-growing sector over the past ten years. In fact, annual earnings growth for companies in the IT sector was 11% compared to 4.5% for those in the S&P 500 index. This means profits for the IT sector are almost 300% higher today than in 2009, which is 6 times that of the 50% profit growth for the rest of the market.


For the coming three years, we expect continued earnings growth of around 11% for the IT sector, well above the 7% growth expected for the broad equity market. Growth is driven by various factors including rising connectivity, increasing computing power, 3D printing, data growth and various other structural trends, which should clearly result in above-average earnings growth and attractive share- holder returns.


We are under the impression that the market consistently underestimates the underlying growth in the sector as well as the disruptive nature of many businesses in the IT space. IT stocks continue to be supported by structural growth drivers and we also see tailwinds from improving investor sentiment and rising bond yields.


Therefore overweight tech stocks in your portfolio and gain exposure to the IT sector through the JB Tracker certificate on The Overweight Technology Basket.




  • 100% Participation.
  • Gain exposure to the technology sector.
  • All Buy rated stocks.
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