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A good time to do good

With the festivities around the corner, this would be a good time to do good. Investing in companies that are committed to ESG (economic, social and governance) factors offers you the opportunity to not only align your investments with your personal beliefs but also gain long-term financial success. Our JB Tracker Certificate on a basket of ESG stocks also adds in a philanthropic gesture – for every 100 dollars invested, one dollar will be contributed to the Julius Baer Foundation.
High profile corporate scandals have made clear that financial data is no longer sufficient to properly assess opportunities and control risks. As we move towards an increasingly connected and fast-paced world, creating value sustainably requires a focus on responsible interactions with society as a whole. Sustainable companies are likely to be more innovative and better positioned to produce higher margins. In fact, 88% of studies show that solid ESG practices result in better operational performance
Our 1-year certificate (available in both USD and CHF) will allow you to participate in the underlying performance of 18 ESG stocks, which were selected by the Head of our Sustainable Investment Solutions team for having a strong commitment to sustainability. In the spirit of the season, no fees will be charged. Instead, the Julius Baer Foundation will receive 1% p.a. of the investments.
The Julius Baer Foundation is the non-profit grant foundation of the Julius Baer Group and has dedicated itself to making meaningful and impactful contributions to society for more than 53 years. If you would like to learn more about the Julius Baer Foundation, please click here.
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