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Tracker Certificate on the Digital Commerce Basket

  • Digital commerce still represents one of the most compelling long-term structural growth trends accessible to equity investors. Media groups, retail firms, and travel agencies alike have fully embraced digitalisation.
  • Further growth and penetration are underpinned by several major structural drivers i.e. the expansion into underpenetrated product categories and geographies, as well as the growth of the millennial customer base.
  • We believe that more growth will specifically happen in the US as well as in China, as those countries will experience a faster ‘e-capture’ of market share and/or a higher upper limit on overall penetration, relative to the world average.
  • To gain exposure to this theme, investors may want to consider the JB Tracker Certificate on the Digital Commerce Basket 2018. The product consists of 10 equally weighted stocks of companies across geographies and sizes at time of issuance, which will profit disproportionally from the ongoing changes in the industry.
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