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  • Swiss assets tend to act as a store of value over time. This enticing characteristic makes them desirable to provide some security in uncertain times and as a long-term investment. Especially in today’s world, where a single tweet can have a huge impact on people’s wealth, diversification with assets denominated in Swiss francs can help to smooth out portfolio returns.
  • The rock-solid home currency and a market-friendly and highly competitive environment enable the nation’s companies to stay highly efficient. In fact, Swiss equities have outperformed all other major equity markets over the period from 1970 to 2018 in terms of return on investment, when adjusted for the ever-strengthening Swiss franc.
  • The JB Tracker Certificate on the Store of Value – Swiss Stocks Basket 2019 provides exposure to a basket of twelve Swiss companies viewed as attractive by our equity research department. The basket is diversified by sector and provides exposure to Swiss mid- and large-cap companies.
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