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The world is currently experiencing a truly remarkable demographic transformation. For the first time in human history, the number of people aged 60 and over is expected to surpass that of children under the age of 10 by 2030.

An anticipated outcome of this change is an increased demand for healthcare – the reality is that the longer people live, the higher the chance of contracting diseases and various age-related conditions. The elderly care services segment is also likely to be positively impacted with the European Commission estimating that total public expenditure on long-term care is likely to rise from 1.6% of GDP in 2015 to 2.8% by 2060 across OECD countries.

At the same time, if people can enjoy longer, happier and more fulfilling lives through hobbies, leisure activities and financial planning, their lifetime economic contribution to society will undoubtedly be greater than that of past generations. Therefore, we could expect growth in related segments of leisure, consumer goods and financial planning.

On that note, segmental approach is essential to investing in the silver economy and we particularly favour select companies represented in:

  1. Healthcare: cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, dental, hearing aids
  2. Elderly care: assisted living and senior catering
  3. Leisure: cruise and gaming
  4. Consumer goods: anti-ageing skincare products
  5. Financial planning: life insurance

Investors looking to gain exposure to this trend could consider investing in a range of companies set to benefit from increasing longevity via the Julius Baer Tracker Certificate on the Longevity Basket. This tracker certificate is currently in subscription and allows investors to fully participate in the performance of the underlying basket, which consists of 14 stocks.


  • This strategy provides access to companies that are set to benefit from the long-term trend of increasing longevity
  • Tracker certificates allow investors to fully participate in the performance of the underlying
  • The underlying is a basket of 14 stocks, which are equally weighted on the initial fixing date and geographically diversified, including European, US and Asian companies
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