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Capital Protection Certificate with Digital Plus Participation on Fixed Income Unconstrained Fund

Investors in the European fixed income market continue to struggle with persistently low rates. At the same time, while interest rates are considerably higher in the US, they have also come down despite upbeat domestic economic data.

To navigate through this challenging environment, investors may wish to look at unconstrained fixed income strategies. This means that they will not be tied to any single fixed income sector. In addition, the single instrument selection ability of the managers of such strategies can be a key source of alpha.

Investors may want to consider the capital protection certificate on the JB Multi-Manager Fixed Income Unconstrained Fund EUR in subscription, which in line with such fixed income strategies. It aims to capture diversified sources of return by combining specialised credit funds with absolute-return fixed income funds.

Product Mechanism

  • On the final fixing day, if the underlying fund is trading at or above the strike level (100%) up to the defined bonus performance level (107.25%), the investor receives a bonus of 7.25% in addition to the invested nominal amount (100%).
  • If the fund is trading above the bonus performance level (107.25%) on the final fixing day, the investor participates in full in the performance of the underlying.
  • If the fund is trading below the strike level (100%) on the final fixing day, the investor benefits from the capital protection.

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