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Sponsored Funds: Trading in mutual funds

Trade mutual funds transparently and automatically in real time

The Sponsored Funds segment, the secondary market for mutual funds, enables investors to trade these instruments at the latest prices whilst enjoying all the benefits of regulated and monitored trading. SIX Swiss Exchange and Julius Baer pioneered the segment in 2013 on SIX Swiss Exchange – one of the most technically advanced platforms in the world. Since 2023, investors have also been able to buy and sell mutual funds on BX Swiss. This enables all investor groups to trade mutual funds in a transparent and fully automated manner.




Sponsored Funds can be bought or sold on the stock exchange at the push of a button – just like shares or other financial instruments. This enables investors to benefit from immediate order execution and ensures that they can always react to the latest market changes.

Executing orders for mutual funds in the traditional manner via the primary market (subscription and redemption of units at net asset value = NAV) always involves delays due to the principle of forward pricing. The NAV price calculation takes place hours or days after the order entry. This means that the investor only learns the execution price after the fact – one or two days later – and bears the market risk from the time the order is entered until the calculation of the NAV.

The ability to trade at any time and the pre-trade transparency of the execution price are therefore crucial advantages when it comes to processing orders for mutual funds. Investors can use the order types At Market, Price Limit, Stop-Loss or Stop-Limit and thus have full control over execution.

Currently, more than 700 mutual funds can be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange and more than 50 mutual funds on BX Swiss in their Sponsored Funds segments. The potential to increase the number of products and the trading volume is far from exhausted. Demand is likely to increase in the future for the Sponsored Funds segments due to the fact that they combine both a highly automated processing chain for mutual funds and all the advantages of regulated exchange trading.

Mutual funds on the stock markets at the push of a button

Market makers provide or ‘sponsor’ the liquidity, hence the name Sponsored Funds – and are responsible for ensuring that binding prices are constantly available. SIX Swiss Exchange and BX Swiss continuously monitor trading to ensure that the buy and sell prices are in line with the market. This guarantees equal treatment of all market participants and provides the best possible protection for investors.

Automated, flexible and transparent

In the case of trades made via the stock exchange, as with ETF trading, the bid-ask spread is much less important than the potential market volatility. That’s another reason transparent, standardised and fully automated trading of mutual funds via the stock exchange is in high demand among all types of investors – it brings benefits for private clients, portfolio managers, institutional investors and independent asset managers.

How to place an order for mutual funds (Sponsored Funds) on the stock exchange

  • Orders can be placed as usual via the relationship manager or e-banking service of the investor’s custodian bank.
  • When submitting the order, it must be placed as a buy/sell order via the stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange/BX Swiss).

Link to the latest bid and ask prices during trading hours (9.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.)

Premarket. Sponsored Funds. ETFs.

Exclusively with Julius Baer, investors can now respond to the latest developments by viewing and trading many Sponsored Funds and ETF in real-time between 8.00 a.m. and 8.45 a.m., before the market opens. The mutual funds comprise a broad investment universe of global underlyings, with the bank planning to add further instruments over time.

How to place premarket orders for mutual funds or ETF

  • Orders can be placed as usual via the relationship manager at the investor’s custodian bank.
  • The trading division of the investor’s bank then processes the order via Julius Baer.

Investors can find these premarket quotes via one of the following channels (8.00 a.m. – 8.45 a.m.)

Julius Baer Derivates Portal

Julius Baer Swiss PreMarket app for iOS devices

Julius Baer Swiss PreMarket app for Android devices

Product suggestions

  • If a product is missing, please feel free to submit a suggestion, including the name of the instrument and Valor/ISIN, to the e-mail address below.

Further information

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julius Baer’s Fund Trading team:

  • Tel.: +41 58 888 87 66
  • E-mail:
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