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JB Tracker Certificate on the Store of Value - Swiss Stocks Basket 2019 (USD)

  • Valor 39453564
  • ISIN CH0394535642
  • Symbol DAAMJB
  • SVSP Category Participation
  • SVSP Type Tracker Certificates






as of:
The product is currently open for subscription.
Performance since issue n.a.
Spread (%) n.a.
multiple Underlyings Yes
Days to maturity n.a.
SSPA VaR* n.a.
SSPA RiskRating* n.a.

*All statements without guarantee.

Daily high (bid) n.a.
Daily low (bid) n.a.
52 Week high (bid) n.a.
52 Week low (bid) n.a.
Alltime high (bid) n.a.
Alltime low (bid) n.a.
Issue date 31/01/2019
Value date 31/01/2019
Maturity date 24/01/2020
Redemption date 31/01/2020
Leverage n.a.
Issuer Bank Julius Baer & Co AG, Zurich
Underlying Nestlé Ltd
Helvetia Holding Ltd
Partners Group Holding AG
Geberit AG
Schindler Holding Ltd
Georg Fischer Ltd
Compagnie Financière Richemont SA
Swiss Life Holding Ltd
Panalpina World Transport Holding Ltd
Novartis Inc
Lonza Group Ltd
Mobimo Holding AG
Issue price 97.20
Currency USD
Listing Yes
Quanto Yes
Payment Scenario Tracker Certificates
market expectation
  • Rising underlying
  • Underlying will not breach barrier during product lifetime
  • Participation in development of the underlying
  • Reflects underlying price moves 1:1 (adjusted by conversion ratio and any related fees)
  • Risk comparable to a direct investment into the underlying

Nestlé Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolNESN SE
  • Valor3886335
  • ISINCH0038863350

82.84 CHF

Helvetia Holding Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolHELN SW
  • Valor1227168
  • ISINCH0012271687

596.50 CHF

Partners Group Holding AG

  • Ticker SymbolPGHN SW
  • Valor2460882
  • ISINCH0024608827

629.00 CHF

Geberit AG

  • Ticker SymbolGEBN SW
  • Valor3017040
  • ISINCH0030170408

359.20 CHF

Schindler Holding Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolSCHN SE
  • Valor2463821
  • ISINCH0024638212

197.10 CHF

Georg Fischer Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolFI/N SW
  • Valor175230
  • ISINCH0001752309

830.50 CHF

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA

  • Ticker SymbolCFR SW
  • Valor21048333
  • ISINCH0210483332

66.62 CHF

Swiss Life Holding Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolSLHN SE
  • Valor1485278
  • ISINCH0014852781

401.60 CHF

Panalpina World Transport Holding Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolPWTN SE
  • Valor216808
  • ISINCH0002168083

136.10 CHF

Novartis Inc

  • Ticker SymbolNOVN SE
  • Valor1200526
  • ISINCH0012005267

82.86 CHF

Lonza Group Ltd

  • Ticker SymbolLONN SW
  • Valor1384101
  • ISINCH0013841017

276.80 CHF

Mobimo Holding AG

  • Ticker SymbolMOBN SW
  • Valor1110887
  • ISINCH0011108872


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