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JB 100.00% Barrier Capital Protection Certificate with Participation on S&P 500 Index(R)

  • Valor 44022008
  • ISIN CH0440220082
  • Symbol FAUIJB
  • SVSP Category Capital Protection
  • SVSP Type Barrier Capital Protection Certificates








as of:
Performance since issue n.a.
KO Level Distance
multiple Underlyings No
days to maturity 402
SSPA VaR* 2.43%
SSPA RiskRating*
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

*All statements without guarantee.

Daily high (bid) 104.05
Daily low (bid) 104.05
52 Week high (bid) 104.15
52 Week low (bid) 74.60
Alltime high (bid) 104.15
Alltime low (bid) 74.60
Initial fixing date 28/11/2018
Issue date 07/12/2018
Maturity date 27/11/2020
Redemption date 07/12/2020
Leverage n.a.
Issuer Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., Guernsey
Underlying S&P 500 Index®
Issue price 100.00
Currency USD
Listing Yes
Participation (%) n.a.
Detail: KO-Level% n.a.
Detail: Rebate n.a.
Quanto No
Capital protection 100.00%
Payment Scenario Barrier Capital Protection Certificates
market expectation
  • Rising underlying
  • Sharply falling underlying possible
  • Underlying is not going to touch or go above the barrier during product lifetime
  • Minimum redemption at expiry equivalent to the capital protection
  • Capital protection is defined as a percentage of the nominal (e.g. 100%)
  • Capital protection refers to the nominal only, and not to the purchase price
  • Value of the product may fall below its capital protection during the lifetime
  • Participation in underlying price increase above the strike up to the barrier
  • Possibility of rebate payment when barrier is reached
  • Limited profit opportunity

S&P 500 Index®

  • Ticker SymbolSPX
  • Valor998434
  • ISINUS78378X1072

3006.72 USD

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