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Clever innovative Julius Baer solutions for your USD cash!

The Global Interest Rate Competence Centre (GIRCC) in cooperation with the Treasury Department has developed a range of interest rate products that allow investors to invest in Julius Baer‘s money market strategy.

With our USD interest rate solutions you seek to…

  • Increase  (or get any!) interest income on USD cash
  • Invest in Julius Baer's money market strategy
  • Invest in listed cash alternatives that provide daily liquidity 

JB Term Deposit Notes with Daily Liquidity
Earn superior returns over fiduciary term deposits and lock-in your fixed interest rate for a defined period of 1 to 12 months with 100% capital protection at maturity while staying flexible for investment opportunities through daily product liquidity.

***The minimum investment amount is USD 100'000***

JB Money Market+ Notes
Follow Julius Baer‘s money market strategy and earn superior returns over fiduciary call deposits and profit from daily liquidity.

JB Certificate on a USD short to mid-term Fed Funds Rate Basket
Follow Julius Baer‘s investment strategy and invest in a pure USD interest rate solution that bears no hidden credit or FX risk. Investors benefit from stable or decreasing USD interest rates.

For further details please study our product presentation or contact us directly.

The Global Interest Rate Competence Centre is happy to assist you, please call or email us:
+41 58 888 89 66

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