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Products that could be suited to your risk profile and market expectation

Efficiently express your market view and risk-return profile

Investing in Structured Products offers great flexibility and can serve as an important component to a well-diversified investment portfolio. With Structured Products, you can invest according to your own market expectations and your tailored risk-return profile. They can also be used to optimise or hedge a portfolio in a specific manner. Structured Products can help to realise short-term market trends, as the time-to-market for new products is much shorter compared to traditional investment vehicles.

A comprehensive product offering

Julius Baer offers one of the most comprehensive Structured Products ranges in global private banking. For more than ten years, our open products and services platform has provided access to a global universe of Structured Products, with more than 20 global and regional counterparties represented.

Julius Baer – a leading issuer in Switzerland

Julius Baer is a leading issuer of Structured Products, Warrants and OTC derivatives in the Swiss market. This excellent market position is due to Julius Baer’s high-quality product range and client service. These capabilities are offered within the open products and services platform to Julius Baer private clients as well as directly to financial intermediaries and institutional investors in Switzerland.

Tailored solutions

Julius Baer has the capabilities to develop and engineer tailored financial solutions, as well as complex risk transfer solutions, together with its clients. These exclusive services are offered to ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional clients.

Electronic distribution

Julius Baer has been an early mover in electronic Structured Products trading since 2008. The Julius Baer Derivative Toolbox enables our Relationship Managers* to simulate, price and trade a broad array of flow products in real time, based on specific client needs.

* In locations where permitted by local laws and regulation

Increasing skill and transparency

Julius Baer continuously invests in skill building and increasing transparency regarding Structured Products. As a member of the Swiss Structured Products Association, it also contributes to the overall development of the Swiss Structured Products market.

Structured products offering for business partners, banks and institutional clients

Julius Baer, a leading Swiss issuer of Structured Products, also offers business partners, banks and institutional clients exceptional flexibility and services in designing, implementing and managing Structured Products and OTC solutions. Our expertise spans a broad array of underlyings, including equities, interest rates, FX and fund strategies, and covers a comprehensive range of structures.

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