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Various Capital Protection Certificates with Participation

Following US President’s tweets on Chinese tariffs last weekend equity markets are shaking this week. Stocks fell sharply on Tuesday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing 1.79% lower, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite dropping 1.65% and 1.96%, respectively. Strikingly, all 30 Dow components fell and all 11 S&P sectors traded lower in the broad sell-off.

It might be tempting to take money off the table after such market movements. Yet long-standing evidence suggests staying invested unless a systematic breakdown looms. Overall, markets are still elevated and this could serve an opportunity to get invested or pick up quality.

In this environment, it is worth considering a capital protection certificate of your choice that allows you to participate in the upside or downside, depending on the product, while securing your portfolio against falling markets. Gaining diversification and protection should also help smooth out portfolio returns.


  • 95-100% Capital Protection at Maturity
  • 100% Upside Participation / Downside Participation depending on the product chosen
  • Gain exposure to the market of choice
  • CHF / EUR / USD
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