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Bonus Certificate on Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is one of the globally leading independent oil and gas companies, which engages in the exploration, production and refining of petroleum.
Recently, Shell has repositioned itself for a lower-for-longer oil price environment by cutting operating expenses and capital expenditure. It is now streamlined to harvest cash flow from investments made earlier in this decade and from the acquisition of BG Group.
For 2025, the company targets to generate USD 35 billion in free cash flow at an oil price in the high sixties, around 15% higher than the target for 2020. In the five-year period from 2021 to 2025, Shell plans to pay out at least USD 125 billion (ca. 50% of current market cap) to shareholders in dividends and share buybacks.
Shell also highlighted that it had achieved all its financial targets. It remains the strongest free cash flow generator and the most compelling yield investment case in the oil and gas sector. Investors looking to invest in this company, can consider our Bonus Certificate on Royal Dutch Shell currently in subscription.
Product Mechanism
  • Minimum return of the Bonus Level (110%) during sideways markets if the barrier is never touched during the term of the certificate.
  • Cash payment of the 100% upside participation in the underlying performance above the bonus level.
  • If a barrier event has occurred and the final level is below the bonus level, the investor will get a physical delivery of one Royal Dutch Shell stock.
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